You Can Now Listen, See and Feel Earthquakes

you-can-now-listen-see-and-feel-earthquakesUnbelievable, but true, that you can eavesdrop on the largest earthquakes of the world. a new project allows you hear, see and feel the seismic waves created by immense temblors.

A group of sound artists and scientists at Columbia University are turning seismic waves into images and sound for educational performance with regard to earthquakes and seismic waves. People can hear, see and feel seismic data from earthquakes, observe the patterns of earthquakes for decades in minutes and also view the ocean storms seismic effect, to the extent that they appear as though they are inside the planet.

The sounds are intriguing and complex, excite curiosity and wonder and it sounds as though it hits a tin roof, while the sound is like a gunshot. There is a difference in the sound of a nuclear bomb and an earthquake as this sound enters into the earthquakes physics, confirmed Seismic sound lab, Ben Holtzman.

Transforming seismic waves into sound is never done before; however, the SeismoDome project brought the sounds to visualizations. The team sped up both visuals and sound by a factor of several thousand. They filtered the visualized data and sounds to illuminate the earth experiencing different types of waves.

This process allows audience follow aftershocks of an earthquake, and gives clarity on the randomness of earthquake patterns in space and time.

The team is expanding the “auditory seismology” use in ways so that it helps scientists recognize the earthquakes early warning signs before they strike.

“As one is listening to seismic signals, changes in the sound will indicate where to look in the seismic data,” Holtzman said.

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