India to wait and watch the game after the surgical strike!

india-to-wait-and-watch-the-game-after-the-surgical-strikeIndia has boldly announced about its surgical strike whereby Special Forces struck the terror launching pads along the LoC (Line of Control) on September, 29 which is a defining moment in the entire history of subcontinent. Bikram singh, the former army Chief told to NDTV that such strikes were conducted several times in the past but there was a degree of deniability. But the surgical operation of Thursday being completely acknowledged and to win them publicly has totally changed the dynamics of India and Pakistan. This took them beyond the line of restraint which existed for so long.

Those who rejoice over India’s action and are seen celebrating the moment, they need to hear what Steve Waugh and Venkatpathy Raju from the 1991-92 World Cup have to say. The point they want to make is when you celebrate early, the earlier there will be grief. This is pretty much demonstrated in the recent T20 match between India and Bangladesh from batsman, Mushfiqur Rahim.

The surgical strike of India to avenge of loss of 18 jawans is the opening gambit where India has decided to join the provocation of Pakistan. In fact, speculation going on that it is just a start. It is just too soon to assume that Pakistan will shut down the jihadist infrastructure. Sitting back and thinking that Pakistan won’t counter attack will be sheer foolishness.

Pakistan seems to sit back and vehemently deny India’s surgical attack but something else is going behind. Nawaz Sharif was juggling with too many balls.

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