Sexual Harassment Complaints a Widespread Problem in Fast-food jobs


A new survey in fast-food jobs reported 2/5 women are harassed. From Fox News, when Gretchen Carlson and few women went with allegations against Roger Ailes about sexual harassment, they were shocked and outraged as countless women in the workforce faced reality of unwanted advance, lewd remarks and actions.

But on following the fallout at Fox News, it was unbelievable to thing all the other women subjected to workplace harassment in America.

This week, 15 employees from McDonald’s filed complaints with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that were sexually harassed. A 44-year-old woman working at a McDonald’s in Biscoe, N.C., alleged her supervisor rubbed his body repeatedly against hers and made unwelcome sexual advances at work towards her. When she objected, she was threatened and eventually suspended from work and she also said her managers did not show faith in her allegation.

Recently a survey was commissioned of more than 1,200 workers working in the fast-food industry that is the least paying sectors in the country and this was done to understand the sexual harassment prevalence that is faced by women. The results were a real eye-opener and it came to notice that nearly 40% women surveyed experienced on the job sexual harassment.

Women working in fast-food jobs face a series of unwanted sexual aggression and this also includes sexual remarks and jokes, requests for sex, sexual assault or groping. Overall, nearly half of the women have been harassed and they said they experienced negative emotional consequence such as feeling depressed, stressed or scared to come to work.

Yet, fast-food workers see no alternative and take a toll for their livelihoods and their families.

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