Facebook is planning to keep your secrets locked


Is it a pretty thought if someone sneaks into your Facebook messages and leaks it to your family, friends or employer? Of course, no one will appreciate this act, even if the messages have nothing shoddy.

Fortunately, Facebook is planning to make your life easier by ensuring no-one can lays their hands on your private communications, as long as you do not do anything silly such as parting your password.

The social network has introduced a new function “secret messages” that keeps messages secure as it employs the hardcore encryption, thus making sure the contents are read by you and the person you write to.

Messages will self-destruct Snapchat texts, and restrict any baddies getting on your secrets. The social network informed that this feature is now rolled out to nearly 900 million users. They are aiming to make Messenger the main messaging platform and are already using security as the main to ascertain your messages are confidential and safe. This is done to take an extra step informed David Marcus, the Vice president of Facebook.

You just have to begin a secret conversation, but there will be limits on the devices you can use to read.

“Starting a secret conversation is optional,” informed Facebook. It is because many people also work with Messenger while switching between devices such as compute, phone or tablet.

“Secret conversations may be read only on one device and. it is important to note that we do not support in secret conversations the making of payments, videos or other Messenger features.

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