Google’s New Phones to Offer that Android Needs


Google has come with new Smartphone’s, the Pixel and Pixel XL, featuring an impressive camera, slick design, new voice aide Google Assistant and the regular headphone jack. They represent major turning point and the new approach of Google has close ties with its hardware and software, same as its rival Apple.

Google has come a long way and is happy to develop and license to third-party smartphone makers the Android software. The third-party makers are none other than Samsung. They have decided to handover to third-party makers than creating in-house devices. Even Google-branded Nexus phones were manufactured with the help of contractors HTC and in fact, LG was also partially intended for the reference designs.

There were pitfalls to Google’s approach. This is mainly because the hardware manufacturers are not much ready to tinker with Android as many devices are laden with unwanted software or “bloatware.” This so-called fragmentation means there is a need for Android software updates evenly to Android phone users as well, so that they also benefit from new features, thus leaving others susceptible to malware.

Google’s new Pixel phones answer all the problems, while Google is mimicking effectively Apple’s design philosophy handling both hardware and software aspects. When this is done well, the control level can result with cleaner interfaces, faster phones, more advanced features and higher overall quality. It is clear and is becoming apparent that the software advancements require corresponding often with advancements in hardware in coordination as mobile phones mature.

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