CBSE Considering Affiliation by-laws and cap on maximum fees

cbse-considering-affiliation-by-laws-and-cap-on-maximum-feesThe (CBSE) Central Board of Secondary Education has set the ball rolling to check commercialization of education and is now mulling on placing a cap on the maximum fees that can be charged by a school for providing education.

The CBSE has set a committee to review its bye-laws affiliation to combat rampant commercialization. This is done aiming to have a standard fee cap. The committee is anticipating making its recommendations within a month. There is a need to make appropriate means to control the education commercialization.

A well placed source informs that there will be discussions before planning to fix an upper cap on the charged fees by any school affiliated to the CBSE. In the recent decades, there have been concerns across the country among parents about the school fees hikes of CBSE in and across the country.

The CBSE has been considering the by-laws updating for some time now. At a workshop organized by the institution on inclusive education was done in August and CBSE chairman Rajesh Chaturvedi also on this occasion informed journalists: “We are working to update the bye-laws so that better tuning is done meeting the government policies and to offer better regulation and compliance.”

Officials also informed at the same time that in the past disabled children attended special schools, but now the CBSE was trying to ascertain that schools create an infrastructure to cater special needs requiring children by making its by-laws completely compatible with disability laws and the discussions are on.

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