Hybrid Cloud solutions are regarded appropriate for Indian Enterprises


The world as other enterprises aims for a faster and secured Cloud experience. Now, Hybrid Cloud solutions are turning to be the choice in India for enhanced productivity and efficiency, thereby it ensures improved cyber security.

A Hybrid Cloud utilizes private and public clouds as an integrated system to perform within the same organization distinct functions. The world is moving faster to Hybrid Cloud supporting digital transformation, fuel growth, driving business model innovation.

As per the latest report by, the global Hybrid Cloud market is expected to grow from 2016 from $33.28 billion to $91.74 billion by 2021.

“Hybrid Cloud solutions offer the best of both worlds. It offers the flexibility of a private server in association with the public Cloud advantages,” said Shashank Dixit, Deskera Founder and CEO, a leading software provider of Cloud-based business in the Asia-Pacific region.

The technology and talent in India is good and there is high demand to become a priority. An IBM study recently revealed that even top executives prefer adopting Hybrid Cloud Solutions for various reasons such as lowering cost of ownership to 54%, promoting operational efficiencies to 42%, facilitating innovation to 42% and enabling to meet customer expectations to 40%.

“Hybrid integration in cloud adoption in India is the next stage like other countries. Hybrid Cloud assists improving the operations of organizations by means of greater speed and agility, with efficient and effective internal resources reallocation and thus there is better linkage between IT departments and business.

Companies undertake Hybrid Cloud so that new industries expand, create new sources of revenue and support new business models.

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