Google announces its Map Maker to Shut down


Google is run on Map Maker, an online tool that permits people to contribute data to Google Maps. The company today announced that the Google Map Maker Service is shutting down. The online forum announced that this as a standalone product, Google Map Maker Service is retiring in 2017 March. However, these will be available at Google’s Local Guides program.

Local Guides, is a modernized version to some extent. The online tool offered by the older service lets anyone submitting updates to Google Maps so that moderators approve. The aim by large was to fill Google Maps with business information and road in regions that are less developed and the local maps are not readily available.

However, in the past years, you may recall, Map Maker’s crowdsourced functionality got the Google into trouble. For example, Map Maker in 2015 was employed to vandalize Google Maps bearing the image of the character of Google’s android urinating on the Apple logo. The company puts an end to the Maker temporarily due to this and also due to spam attacks and obscene edits.

Even as Map Maker was trying to police its community, Google was already developing its Local Guides program. This initiative move of Google’s own version Yelp Elites provides volunteers to contribute to Google business listings, Google Maps in exchange for rewards, points, and to access new features.

Map Maker, offers expanded feature set, including editing roads. Its unique feature set will be combined with Local Guides by March 2017, after Map Maker is closed. However, the Map Maker community’s contribution over the years is appreciated and this contribution can be pursued, is added.

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