How NHS is expected to cope this winter?


The headlines are dominated by the Brexit debate and Washington politics, but the NHS managers are concerned about the winter and about the already stretched services.

The temperatures this week have gone down and the Met Office has warned increased cold snaps risk from now up to Christmas. Planning for winter is not new for NHS and so the concentrating minds are considering the health service.

NHS leaders and ministers are anxious always during this time of every year. In the recent years, the mild winters have helped them to handle the system, while there were strains visible in the early 2015 and late 2014. It just is about a stretch of cold weather and a stretched flu bout for hospitals.

Most worries are regarding the service and the delay in transferring the patients, the hospital beds, etc. The actual problem with service is during late December and early January, when the community health care shuts down as seasonal holiday. The hospitals also are under great strain and are surely a worry for NHS chiefs.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, acknowledged this winter to be ‘very challenging’ on the Andrew Marr Show of the BBC’s. The NHS chiefs have taken greater efforts in relieving the hospitals pressure and to de-risk the serious situation. This involves bringing more GP practices working on bank holidays.

Hospitals plan leave allocations such that the doctors are always available. The NHS leaders and ministers are conducting weekly meetings to review the hospitals performance. These are done as precautionary measures.


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