Protests swell in the country expressing dismay over Trumps Triumph


Thursday, into the early hours, protests and vigils continues over President-elect Donald Trump as the opponents expressed shock and disappointment with the election results.

Hillary Clinton and President Obama urged their supporters to accept the victory of Trump and to support this transition, yet demonstrators in thousands marched the streets decrying his comments about attacks on immigrants and about women.

Protests were also reported in various parts of the cities all across the nation. These included major metropolitan centers such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, to smaller cities, such as Portland, Richmond and Ore. In fact, owing to this, demonstrators in dozens were arrested. Even the red states cities such as Dallas, Atlanta and Kansas City, Mo saw huge and lots of demonstrations.

Two police officers in Oakland were injured, while two patrol cars were burned by protesters taking to the streets chanting slogans against the new elected Donald Trump, said a police spokeswoman. Objects were also thrown by the protesters at police who were in the riot gear; they set small fires and smashed windows in the downtown areas, showing this disgust.

In Los Angeles, protesters in thousands marched the streets, burned a giant papier-mâché of Trump head in the City Hall front and others spray painted curse on the Los Angeles Times building and on the vehicles of the news organizations.

Rainbow signs and flags bearing “Time to Revolt”, messages waved above the crowd, and the drivers cheered by honking their support. However, Obama vowed to work assuring a smooth transition for the elect-president.

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