Donald Trump Cabinet Picks Are Under Covers

President-elect Donald Trump has worked few agreements after weekend visitors parade as to who could in his administration land major appointments.

There were hints but as such there were no donald-trump-cabinet-picks-are-under-coversdecisions to announce. The 2012 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, was “under serious consideration” for the post of secretary of state, said Vice President-elect, Mike Pence. Trump himself informed that James Mattis, the retired Marine Corps Gen. was a defense secretary prospect.

Trump told at his Bedminster N.J. golf club reporters prior to returning to New York that a couple of deals are already made and offered assurances that these incredible meetings may bring into the government incredible people and you all will be hearing soon about them.

There were many visitors on Sunday to the white-pillared clubhouse namely, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the former commander of U.S. Southern Command and retired Marine Gen. John Kelly,.

The president-elect now is also a businessman was considering options to pioneer the Commerce Department, meeting with Ross. Ross told reporters, ‘Time will tell’ when he was asked if he was looking for a post. Thus it was not easy to say if some of these visitors on Sunday were on job hunt.

Trump formally greeted each guest and made a show at the door by smiling for the cameras, shaking hands and telling press about their greatness.

Trump revealed between conversations he was considering transition for his family. His wife, Melania and Barron, his 10 year old son will be moving as the school year ends to Washington, reported Trump to reporters.

Trump and his team are experiencing pressing issues about whom to staff in the incoming administration, this was apparent in the Twitter feed of the president-elect and he also suggested too many issues were on his mind.

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