Marijuana industry, under President Trump

Legalizing the marijuana medical use for adults was decided by nine states and voters in seven of them, supported the moves, notably California. Now, the success measures of the ballot projected by 2020 to vault cannabis into $21 billion industry, as per New Frontier Data market research, that reveals a slight increase from the estimate of its pre-election.

The big victory on Tuesday for marijuanamarijuana-industry-under-president-trump legalization supports showed a dash of uncertainty. The 29 states feature medical marijuana laws and these states now have regulations for recreational use in the markets under Donald Trump, the Republican President-elect.

Both Hillary R Clinton, the Democratic nominee and Trump had said they supported the rights of the states and also indicated they will not do any dismantling with the existing marijuana regulations. Nevertheless, Trump’s some past statements and his allies politically are not very supportive in this issue was noted by policy experts.

On Wednesday, supporters of marijuana legalization remained optimistic cautiously that their industry would remain unharmed. at the same time, Sal Pace, Pueblo County Commissioner, a southern Colorado community backer of recreational marijuana industry and its booming cannabis cultivation operations mentioned that the economic potential boon may be available from areas where recreational marijuana cultivation and research is done.

However, some federal level unknowns showed annoyance over Pace’s optimism. But, Pace continued and said, ‘Trump said, he is not into changing laws and hopes the campaign promise is kept’, as he is surrounded by people who have diversified views on this issue.

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