Obama meets the press since Trump’s win, says president-elect is devoted to NATO

President Obama held his first news conference and assured people that Donald Trump was committed to governing in a practical fashion than his campaign style that reflected harshness.
“He’s the next president, regardless of the experience he brought to the office,” said Obama, who met for the first time Trump last week. “This office has a knack of waking you up.”

Obama faced reporters on Monday before obama-reveals-his-vision-of-not-waging-all-out-war-on-the-president-elect-trumpleaving Washington to Greece, Germany and Peru, for a week-long foreign trip and is expected to meet more than a dozen foreign leaders having their set of worries about the United States heading under the next president.

The president gave advice to his successor that sounded a warning. He advised Trump to respect the normal important to a democracy functioning such as tolerance, civility and commitment to reason, analysis and facts. Obama for months had been accusing Trump for breaching the norms during the contentious and bitter campaign.

After shocking election results last week, Obama struck a sanguine note. “I think he will be sincere in proving to continue as a successful president and move the country forward,” He also said “I do not think any president would come out saying, ‘I want to fathom ways how to make people angry or distance or isolate half the country.’ ”

Obama found in his conversation last week with Trump, the New York businessman “expressed interest in maintaining core strategic relationships,” including the NATO.

Throughout the news conference, Obama sought to reassure and calm a jittery and divided country, choosing very carefully his words and emphasized unity over division.

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