Obama reveals his vision of not waging all-out war on the president-elect Trump

Barack Obama started revealing his vision on Sunday of Democrats’ path back and pledged to be a part of it.

In the recent fourth press conference to obama-reveals-his-vision-of-not-waging-all-out-war-on-the-president-elect-trumpAmericans and world leaders of sounding out his opinion, he said, they should consider President-elect Donald Trump, and urged congressional Democrats to avoid following Senate Majority Leader, instead asked them to activate quickly all over the country so that they avert “micro-targeting.”

President Barack Obama said “My advice is to Democrats, that they must know what to care about and what to stand for and fight for the principles, even if it means to deal a hard fight,”.

This expression from Obama was a version of confidence revealed about Trump on Sunday and it also had him saying, “reality will force the president-elect to adjust the approaches to many of the issues”.

Obama revealed the fact that he had informed the same in the post-election oval office meeting to the president-elect to hire ‘a strong white house counsel’ so that the conflict of corruption issues and interest that have the potential to initiate may be prevented from taking shape.

Obama said, He respects the office and gives the new president an opportunity to step into this platform and that Obama will not interfere in the popping off instances. Yet, as a citizen of America, Obama said, he certainly cares for the country and if any issues arise that are not related to legislative proposals, but are deep rooted and connected to the ideals and values, I will defend them and examine when necessary.

Obama’s refusal to sit calm may bring happiness to many Democrats who are looking for party leadership and also among people who largely love him. But his not waging all-out war on the president-elect Trump and the Republicans was not that many want to hear in the party.

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