New Reports Says E-Cigarette Unsafe for the Youth of America


According to a latest report released on the E-Cigarettes, it has been revealed that the electronic cigarettes are not really good for the health of the young people. According to Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, these electronic devices are a serious threat to the health of the young Americans, and his claims are backed by thorough scientific information.

Vivek Murthy is one of the top medical officers in the United States government. With the help of the information accumulated through the research, he said that most of the electronic cigarettes comprise of nicotine, which is a chemical really harmful for the human health. This chemical is also found in the tobacco plants, which is also present in the conventional cigarettes.

Since the electronic cigarettes does not need to be lighted up, therefore people usually think that the negative effects of smoke in not present in this case. Even though they are powered by a battery, but that does not take away the health risks associated with the intake of nicotine.

It was the year 2010 since when the popularity of electronic cigarettes increased massively. As per the report, significant numbers of youths in the United States are using these devices. In this regard, Murthy said, “The inception of electronic cigarettes has certainly proved detrimental to the efforts of curbing the use of tobacco. The new reports clearly show how harmful these devices are to the human health.” It is very essential that people have to realize the damaging effects of the electronic cigarettes before it is too late.

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