US Stops Sale Of Arms To Saudi After Yemen Crises

As per the official in US, the United States has finally said no to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia which will thereby limit the military support offered to the Yemen which has lead to widespread death of civilians. The decision has been taken after the Yemen affect where over 10,000 citizens were killed, the country turning out into an impoverished one with more humanitarian crises and food shortages.

us-stops-sale-of-arms-to-saudi-after-yemen-crisesAs per the UN estimate, more than 60% of the Yemeni’s death is due to the air strikes of Saudi. As per an administration official, “the co-operation fund of the US security is not an empty check. Therefore, we have made a decision to stop the military case sales to Saudi”.

Such a decision reflects that the US holds strong reasons and support for the Yemen people and stands against the flaws with respect to the prosecution and practices of the place. US in near future will also focus on offering air training to the people of Saudi Arabia as said by an official.

The above decision from US came after 45 hours when foreign secretary visited Riyadh for standing against Saudi campaign going on in Yemen.

Till date Britain has supported with 3.3 billion pounds for arms in the Gulf region. Hence, Andrew Smith questioned as to why is UK supporting when US has backed out. However, it is not just Britain which is supporting Saudi; there are other countries as well, which has to be stopped to bring back peace in Saudi regions.

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