Google Comes Up With A New Idea Of Self Driving Car

google-comes-up-with-a-new-idea-of-self-driving-carGoogle has announced recently that it will be coming with a new technology of self driving car and the company to hold its responsibilities will be called as Waymo. This new company will be managed and owned by the parent company of Google, which is Alphabet.

This parent company will generate signals to improve the technology and make it commercialise, which is been done since over 10 years. Recently in an event, Google has explained and showed how a blind person can complete an entire trip with the help of a self driving car.

The above trip was already performed in the year 2015; however the company came up on the platform and showed the media for first time on 13th December. As per John Krafcik from Google, “Steve Mahan, a blind man drove the prototype vehicle where the software and sensors became his chauffeur”.

He even explained about the technology that it will transform how a self driving car can be effective, accessible and safer to cover trillions of miles in comparison with other vehicles. The company will make use of the same technology in many other tasks as well.

The company Waymo expressed that Google can step back from the mail goal of providing 100% self driving cars due to the commercial concerns. The chief executive, Mr Krafcik also said their technology can work for personal cards as well, and also n logistics, ride sharing and other public transport concerns. Let us see how the innovative concept will be launched in the market.

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