False News Can Be Handled With The New Tools Invented By Facebook

false-news-can-be-handled-with-the-new-tools-invented-by-facebookOn 15th December, Facebook officials said that it will launch some effective tools that will be able to prevent the spreading of false stories from the Facebook walls of its members. Actually, this popular social media faced a lot of criticism, regarding not taking steps against the gossips spread at the time of the USA Presidential elections. There were several complaints that this site could not check or stop the postings of such illogical postings, from some of its 1.8 billion members.

During the campaigns of the US presidential election, there were several false rumors spread from this social media site. For example, one news posting mentioned that Pope Francis had declared his support for Donald Trump; while another posting cited that the investigating federal agent for Hillary Clinton’s case was discovered to be dead, both of which were utterly false.

So now, it has claimed that the new software tools are now undergoing further modifications, so that these features can be refined and tested to stop sharing of any fake gossips on Facebook ever after. According to Facebook, the new tools will alert the users about the fraud postings that appear on their News Feed, so that they do not share it with others and stop its further spreading among other members.

To check the authenticity of all posted news on Facebook, this media will be coordinating with a few leading news related websites; like ABC News, Snopes and Associated Press. If any news posting is proved to be a false one by these organizations, it will be marked as “disputed” and such news cannot be shared further. Also, there will be a link that will explain about the realty of that news.

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