Intelligence Officials Say Putin’s Hands Probably In US Cyber Attacks

As per the officials of American Intelligence, they have approved that the Russian president, Mr Vladimir Putin has approved the Russian hacking in relation to the presidential election. According to the sources that confirmed CBS News that Putin knew about the attacks which were started in the mid of previous year.

However, there is still investigation in process about the matter. As per Jeff Pegues, correspondent of CBS News, the hacking has first time led to an issue with democratic national committee till the date of election.

On 15th December, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman of Kremlin said that the news about Putin with respect to the presidential elections of the US is nothing but all rubbish. The hacks were huge and they went over a longer duration that the sources of US intelligence express that this was not possible without help from the Kremlin officials.

The CBS news understood that the cyber attacks which happened at the beginning involve lots and lots of malicious mails which focused on the US military, US political organizations and US government. The beginning attempts made by the hackers were to interrupt the elections through the phising and malware emails.

There are few officials from US who are still anxious about the hacking from Russia which will very soon come on to the public platform. As per the investigators, the malicious emails which were sent in the beginning may be proving wrong for the upcoming strikes over the internet.

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