President Obama Said That Proper Steps Will Be Taken Against Russian Hacking

president-obama-said-that-proper-steps-will-be-taken-against-russian-hackingOn December 15th, US President Barack Obama reportedly said in an interview, given to National Public Radio (NPR) that USA will take proper actions against the hacking done by Russia, during the USA Presidential election that has affected the integrity of this nation. But the time and the place of the retaliatory actions will be chosen by the US Government, some of them may be reported to the media, while some may be kept discreet.

According to the investigation done by the USA intelligence division, Russian hacking has interfered in the recent USA presidential election of 2016, though President Obama did not mention the CIA reports in this matter. He also did not confirm the assumed news about CIA report that Russia’s sole intention was to make Trump the winner of this election. He just said that immense trouble was created due to the Russian hacking during the Clinton campaign, compared to the Trump campaign.

According to the confidential sources, US Intelligence reports mentioned that the Russian hackers succeeded to break into the computer network of Democratic Party’s National Committee and also collected information from the personal email id of John Podesta, the main advisor of Hillary Clinton, who was the presidential nominee on behalf of Democratic Party. The hackers found it easier to carry on their operation, due to the turmoil created by the allegations against Hillary Clinton, regarding her private emails and Clinton Foundation.

President Obama reportedly said that though all large powers spy on each other and collect some industrial information; this is completely a different sort of case, where the internal election of a country was targeted for the first time.

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