Obama Expresses Taking Action Against The Russian Hacking

The previous president of the US Mr. Barack Obama has assured the country that it will take action to the pre election hacking by Russia. The comments from Barack Obama are coming after about two months of US intelligence accusing Russian of disrupting the elections of US.

Obama has given a statement to NPR that when the government of other countries try to interfere with the US proceedings, then they will surely take a call against it. He added, the time and place will be according to their choices. They may be publicized or kept secret depending on the context.

Obama also expressed that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia understands his feelings on this matter as they had a word on it. Barack Obama gave his statements when the intelligence officials have declared a statement of Putin’s connection with the hacking scene. Now, the White House has to give a statement on the same context.

John Carlin, ex attorney general, told the correspondent of ABC News that it is a serious issue and US will send a strong message to all the countries including Russia. He even added that they will take a strong action even if any country tries to weaken the democratic system, electoral system and other systems of US.

As always, Russia has again denied all the accusations of hacking. The silent war is progressing at a high pace and soon the silence is going to be replaced by something dangerous.

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