Uber Is Directed To Stop Their Self Driving Car Services In San Francisco

uber-is-directed-to-stop-their-self-driving-car-services-in-san-franciscoThe well known online transportation company Uber declared on 14th December that they will be offering self driving cars to the interested customers of San Francisco. But hours later, California transport regulators directed Uber Company to stop this service immediately; else they may have to face legal action against them, as they have declared about this offer without any state permit.

Though Uber started a pilot program of this self driving car service for the public on Wednesday morning; by the afternoon they received an official letter from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, where it was stated that their offer was completely illegal, because the company has not yet got the necessary permit for putting these autonomous cars on the roads, as it may harm public safety.

Chief Counsel of Department of Motor Vehicles, Brian Soublet warned Uber in that letter that if it does not stop its self driving launch immediately and seek the legal permit first, DMV is sure to take legal action against this company. Though Uber management was already aware of this rule, they insisted that their cars could not be counted as autonomous vehicles, as these cars need a human driver behind the wheels, for operating the cars.

Uber has got the previous history of crossing legal limitations in California, within its brief history of less than 10 years. Like their present argument about the actual status of autonomous cars; previously it had argued with the California authorities, about checking their drivers’ past backgrounds and the possibilities of providing them all the employee benefits. As of now Uber management was not available for informing about their current decision of withdrawing their self driving car service.

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