What Donald Replied Regarding Obama’s A Third Term Winning Statement

what-donald-replied-regarding-obama-s-a-third-term-winning-statementBarack Obama stated that he believes he could have won a third term in office. He also added that he is confident about his victory as majority of the American people hold believe in him. They may surely choose me since I have got success somewhere to win their trust.  As per Obama, the election does not indicate towards a sea change in American politics.

Now, people have started thinking from different aspects. Though, Clinton did not win but still her popularity is intact. As per Obama, Actually, the culture and the way of thinking have changed completely.

It proves that Clinton lost many industrial states by narrow margins. According to critics, Clinton may win the election if got success to turn out many African American Voters as Obama did in the previous two general elections.

 It was the prominent reason behind Obama’s victory which Clinton somewhere skipped. If she focused on that then her victory might come true. Her support among blue- collars white voters were also shattered that made victory too far from her range.

The great thing is that Obama currently holds a favourable rating of 55% as per the poll done by HuffPost Pollster, while Trump comes up with 43%.

Trump also responded Obama’s comments on Twitter saying that President Obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. But I must clear that I do not concur with this statement as we cannot ignore ISIS, OCare, jobs leaving, etc.

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