Chicago Gunfire Snatched Life of 12 Innocents in Christmas Weekend

chicago-gunfire-snatched-life-of-12-innocents-in-christmas-weekendDuring the festive weekend no sign of slow down oof the crime wave which has been going on across the Chicago city.

In the news briefing on Monday, Eddie Johnson, Superintendent of city police was informed that 27 different shooting incidents took place during the holy holiday weekend. Among all, 12 are lethal.

The police officer continued that the ferocity initially occurred in the localities with years old gang conflicts. In the southern and the western areas of the city, the violence started primarily. The police came to a conclusion that the entire mishap belonged to the gang fights. The shooting majority and homicide was the sign of targeted gunfire by the potential gangs to the rival gangs and their members who were gathered in the crowd during the holiday.

Across the year 753 homicides along with 3,495 shooting incidents were recorded by the city police, Johnson said. He also continued that the record was much lower in the previous year where 478 homicide cases were enlisted. The numbers of shooting incidents were 2,393, in the year 2015.

Johnson was given his statement on Monday saying, the shooting incidents were intended and planned perfectly by one gang for its rivals. They gang members had absolutely apparent idea that their targets were celebrating Christmas holiday with the family or the friends just by staying at home. The entire gunfire was followed by multiple acts of requital.

Most of the victims who had killed belonged to gang affiliation or had fatal criminal history, according to Johnson.

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