Troy Ave the Brooklyn Rapper Shot Repeatedly

troy-ave-the-brooklyn-rapper-shot-repeatedlyEarlier in this year Troy Ave, the rapper from Brooklyn got wounded during a fight which later led to an attempt to murder case. The spring accident did not get fade away but the rapper again recently shot which made him wounded again.

According to the authorities, the new incident just happened on the Christmas holiday in Brooklyn. A man suddenly accessed the rapper while Troy was pulled up at an incision.

John Stella, one of the attorneys of the rapper said that the man fired several rounds, pointing the red Maserati car of the rapper while he tried to drive away the car.

The singer whose actual name is Roland Collins was taken and admitted to Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center instantly. He was there out of all the danger and in a steady condition later sustaining a wound on the shoulder along with a minor head scratch wound; Stella confirmed the news to CNN. He had gone through a surgery on Sunday late night. The operation was done successfully by the doctors to expel a bullet which was passed through the rapper’s shoulder and rooted in the back.

Collin’s girlfriend was there along with him but sat in the passenger’s seat. She was absolutely out of danger and did not get injured at all.

The unidentified gunman still not arrested and remains free, as per the Lt. John Grimpel, New York Police Department. Stella had gone through a brief conversation with Collins and informed that the rapper told he would not recognize the mysterious man as the shooter hid his face in a hoodie.

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