Fan’s Sensual Comments Shocked Ariana Grande

fans-sensual-comments-shocked-ariana-grandeYoung singer Ariana Grande got shocked and felt hurt while in front of Mac Miller, her boyfriend she received sexual comments from a fan.

Ariana shared the incident saying while she was out with Miller for getting food; a young lad chased them towards the car to say Mac that he is a huge fan.

The couple was although at the time got into the car. Ariana said that the boy was almost got into the car with them. Initially the singer thought it was a cute, as well as exciting incident but, eventually, she got shocked while the boy said that Ariana is as sexy as hell.

On her Instagram account, Ariana posted that she felt sick after hearing the boy’s comments. She wrote that she felt literally offended by the boy’s words to her and about her.

More she wrote in the post that she felt absolutely indisposed and objectified although to some it was not a big deal at all. She was obsessed with the awful incident and felt quite and incapacitate since then.

The incident stirs the young and cute singer so badly that she wrote more comments on the post. Ariana got tired of dealing with the world where the majority of the women are referred to a property or possession of a man’s life.  She added that she does not belong to anyone apart from herself and no one should belong to anyone too.

With a rage she said that it hurts her badly while young people pass such disrespectful phrases and objectify women easily in such manner.

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