Dakota Pipeline Protestors- Unfurls Large Banner at NFL Games From Rafters

dakota-pipeline-protestors-unfurls-large-banner-at-nfl-games-from-raftersSerious protest going on in USA is against the construction of Dakota pipelines. To demonstrate with this the protestors climbed up the rafters of US bank stadium.  Between Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears during ongoing NFL games, these protestors climbed up and hang the banner of their protests. The banner says “Divest # No DAPL.”

According to Minneapolis Star Tribune reporting, organizers sent a report of news saying, ’We are here in solidarity with water protectors and want US bank to divest from Dakota Access Pipelines.’ According to protestors the bank with parent pipeline companies consists of millions of ten dollars as a credit.

Despite of stiff demonstration by the protestors, the game continued and stadium officials had cleared some rows where these protestors were sitting. The protestors stayed on the rafters for an hour before they were being arrested by the police. It was said that they were charged for trespassing.

The main reason of the protest according to some sources is the concerning matter of drinking water. They say that routes violate the rights of the treaty of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. It significantly affects the drinking water and the health of the Missouri river.

Last month the construction was halted by US Army Corps of Engineers when they denied for the permission of section plotted to go under Missouri River in North Dakota. Protestors’ victory is in danger of being overturned as Trump is in full support for the completion of pipeline construction.

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