Trump Challenges Intelligence Agencies For Overseeing Election Hackers

trump-challenges-intelligence-agencies-for-overseeing-election-hackersPresident elect Donald Trump openly challenges intelligence agencies of US that he will oversee the hackers who interfered with Russian election. Due to this defiance by Trump pressure has increased on intelligence agencies to find decisive evidence for interference in Russian election. Full report was ordered by President Barak Obama last month as described by one of the officials of White House.

On Friday, High Intelligence officials will head towards New York City to brief Trump on classified findings. On the other hand before leaving the office at Jan 20, Obama decided to make the classified findings version public. According to the assessment of agency, Russia not only meddled with the election but also help Trump to win it. Till now, administration has revealed only limited information in support of the conclusion.

In the absence of such evidence, Trump has seized some Americans’ skepticism of US agencies. This campaigning by Trump has made him all alone. This thought too makes him at odds with Obama. Even Russian president Vladimir Putin and Assange is in the same line whose organization is under criminal investigation for leaking the information.

After giving some of the failures of intelligence agencies of past few years, President elect made it clear to the public that he is doubtful on the conclusions of American bureaucracy. It is quite difficult trace the hacking and the hacker as it is quite technical. The information also released by administration does not lend to rigid conclusion of the firm.

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