Vice President Of US Decided To Work With Universities After Leaving His Seat

vice-president-of-us-decided-to-work-with-universities-after-leaving-his-seatThe current ruling party of US will complete their office on January 20, 2017. Due to this reason Vice President of US Joe Biden planned to become partner with two major universities. According to the source, it has been revealed that Biden is planning for yet unannounced economic and domestic policy by mingling with two universities in partnership.

Additionally Biden is planning for affiliation with university of Pennsylvania which centered in global initiatives and foreign policy. Vice President was born in Pennsylvania and represented Delaware University for approx 3 decades. Barack Obama’s running mate has developed well reputation as statesman and restricted diplomat.

Outgoing vice President has been tasked with handling some of the critical and toughest policy of foreign. He is the top surrogate for Clinton and spent two times on ticket of Obama. Last year too Obama handed Joe Biden keys to a “cancer moon shot” initiative following the deatho f his son.

In October it was thought by many people that Hillary Clinton is ready to grab victory in Presidential election. Biden was floated as a secretary of state on her duration. Throughout past three Presidential campaigns, he gave many gifts as retail politician which were considered as a key asset.

According to one of his aide who spoke to the Associated Press, he is focused to plan a partnership with Delaware University his Alma meter. He is now planning to leave the door open running in 2020 when he would become of 78 years.

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