What Would Happen If Obamacare Is Cancelled

what-would-happen-if-obamacare-is-cancelledIt seems the New Year is not going good for the New Yorkers as there are strong chances to slip health insurance from hands. They are not less in number but it is expected they would be approximately 2.7 million. As per the reliable source, government is going to put full stop over the Affordable Care Act.

The news is also coming into the light that the Republican-led Congress is working on new ways to lift the federal law up which is also called Obamacare. Though New York is in favour the Democratic governor urged to think once again over this. He stated that it does not seem right to cancel the Affordable Care Act.

There a number of people who do not hold deep pockets and relay on this care act. It would not be right since it is tough to justify. It would not help anyone, especially the needy. If this new rule comes into the light then approximately 2.7 million of New York will get affected.

According to the New York’s health exchange, it comes up with the information that approximately 3.3 million people are registered under this act and taking benefits of this. Cuomo also stated that if this act is cancelled by the new elected president Donald Trump then it will be taken as a good news.

It can bring a broad grin on many faces who have been enjoying this act. New York Hospital Groups also cleared about the cancellation and they are all assured that they may have to go through the loss.

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