US Needs To Beware Of Hamza As He Wants To Take Revenge Of His Father’s Death

us-needs-to-beware-of-hamza-as-he-wants-to-take-revenge-of-his-fathers-deathTerror attack has become one of the major concerned topics all around the world. The threat released by Hamza Bin Laden has put US in a great dilemma. He indicated about the terror attacks in coming days. It made intelligence agency in a fix and they are putting extra efforts to get more info about it.

According to the reports Hamza was one of the sons of Osama who was quite close to him. It seems one of the prominent reasons behind targeting him. It was also reported that he was seen more often and it proves that he was a bit closer rather than anyone else.

Moreover, he was also seen a number of times in multiple video guiding others about the guns and so on. The younger son of Osama was born in 1989 and regarded as an Al-Qaeda “crown prince.” The Al-Qaeda team members trust him a lot and see him as the next prince of the group.

Al-Qaeda managed to fetch a wide attention all across the world when it attacked US on September 11, 2001. In this attack, more than 3000 people were killed. The reasons behind this attach were provoking the decision that made to search Al Qaeda leaders in Taliban and Afghanistan.

Osama Bin Laden was targeted by US Navy SEAL’s in Pakistan in 2011. These things also made Al Qaeda a bit more furious. According to the intellectuals, this threat is all about taking revenge of Osama’s death from this son.

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