Who Will Pay For The Wall Mexico Or Congress, Still Not Cleared

who-will-pay-for-the-wall-mexico-or-congress-still-not-clearedTrump who loves stay connected with the people through social media platform said on Twitter that he supports the proposal. It happened because of the speed of congressional support. It was also mentioned that the false media did not add any money spent over the building up the Great Wall. It will be done by Mexico later.

These days, it has become the new topic of discussion among the American citizens. According to the New York Chris the cost for the building up the wall will be paid by the American Citizens. Trump needs to go along with the negotiation to get the required money back from Mexico.

On the other hand, Collins stated that you all need to wait and watch since Trump has all cards to play at the right time. We all know that Mexico’s economy relies upon US consumers. And one cannot forget this fact. It was also said from the side of Trump team that the jurisdiction revolves around a Bush-era 2006 low to build up the wall.

Lawmakers come up with the point that it also needs to have money for doing all this. A private meeting was also holding by the superior House GOP in which it was said that they would like to pay for the making of the wall in the funding statement.

If Mexico denies to give the money back of the wall, GOP will take required step to spend fund bills that required to get cleared from the last April 28. According to the sources, still nothing has been finalised and decision is still so far too made.

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