Clemson Father And Son Both Win National Championships

clemson-father-and-son-both-win-national-championshipsIt’s quite rare but very gleeful or gratified moment for each fan as well as for the father and son. They both are national champions now. Clemson’s hard fight made him win on the last Monday that is 9th of January 2017. In 1981 Bill Smith won a national championship with Clemson, and on Monday night his son Canon has made him pride as he gets emotional and filled with gratitude for him.

On catching up with Bill Smith he told the reporters that after 35 years of long waiting, it was the happiest moment and he will advise his son to just enjoy that moment. According to reporters they caught him when he returned back to Columbia to Tampa. It has become a memorable day for the whole family. Both father and son have attended Clemson and they both have individual stories of winning the national championships.

 In 1981 match, Bill Smith, the father has tried his best not to give up, and played like a defensive player, while his team has not won the match. Now his son is a second year academic student who is playing hard for the team. It was the first college football national championship and comes to an end with an uncommon twist.

Father, Bill Smith has lot to say about this match which his son has won. He told the reporters that his son should just live and enjoy this moment with all by heart. He praised his son by concluding that he loves him a lot and is very much please with all the good outcome.

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