US elected President Mr. Donald John Trump’s Rally Has Profited Around $8.9 Billion to 10 People

us-elected-president-mr-donald-john-trumps-rally-has-profited-around-8-9-billion-to-10-peopleThere were many people in US, who were unaware of profiting themselves from Trump’s victory. As per the data from S&P Global Market Intelligence a survey done by USA TODAY, ten investors have share the amount of $8.9 billion. Among these ten investors,  there were  two famous person such as John Stumpf, former CEO of Wells Fargo (WFC) and Laurene Jobs, who is  a large owner of Apple (AAPL) stock and widow of Steve Jobs.

Besides these two famous people Buffett is also one of them who have gained by investing. He holds the designation of business manager with former CEO of Wells Fargo (WFC). There is a big irony in all this success of huge gain, as Buffett was the person with big question marks and having doubt on the victory of Trump. Even though, Buffett is the biggest financial winner since the last election of USA.  Since this last election his values of his shares in different companies has raised to $6.7 billion, which is a huge amount and big victory compared to any other winner.

This gain can do well to the masses as well, but most of the Americans have missed it out. Since the last election stock market produced huge amount of roughly estimate around 1.5 trillion of wealth. According to Gallup poll, last year only 52% of Americans have invested in the market. Many investors have not even decided or plan for investing. They were simply sitting and watching the scenario.

There are many such examples of individual who have invested in shares and in return gained much huge amount comparison to those who invest through the companies.

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