A Boy Demands Chicken McNugget after Pulling Revolver on His Classmate, NYPD Reports

a-boy-demands-chicken-mcnugget-after-pulling-revolver-on-his-classmate-nypd-reportsShocking news came from NYPD that a young boy who is just 12-year-old has pulled a gun on his classmate and demanded the chicken nugget she has had. He asked her directly to give the chicken nugget to him.

According to the report of NYPD, the boy initially approached his classmate in the McDonald’s, located in Harlem and asked for a Chicken McNugget from the girl. Police say the girl refused to share her nuggets with him. The young boy has chased her and pointed a gun at the girl’s head when she walked a subway station nearby. After pointing the gun at her the boy directly demanded that the girl must give a nugget to him.

According to the police, the gun was smacked away by the girl and she told him to go away and leave her alone.

Eventually, the teenage girl was boarded unharmed in the train as per the police report. The local media later reported that the girl noticed the boy pointing the gun to another child same as her who was also on the train.

On the next day, the girl reported the entire incident to the school authorities and as per her report; the boy was got under the custody of local police. Police took him and brought a charge for attempted to robbery.

The police of the area although do not sure whether the gun was real or not as till date, it was not found. However, as per the report of law-enforcement sources, the boy frequently threat to other kids similarly by showing the weapon.

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