Twin Daughters Of George W. Bush Offer Suggestion In An Open Letter To Obama Sisters To Enjoy College As They Did

The former US President George W. Bush’s twin daughters have noted an open letter to the current President Barack Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha. In the letter, the Bush sisters have written to offering advice to the teenage girls to join the rarified club.

It was November 2008 when the twin sisters Barbara and Jenna first time showed Malia and Sasha Obama around the White House.

At that time Malia, 10 and Sasha 7, was finished the entire White House visit by excitedly jumping on the bed up and down, as well as sliding down from the banisters.

In the time Magazine, the twin daughters of former US President have written some nostalgic notes. They wrote that they have seen the girls have turned into young women as per the time with ease and grace.

Now it is time to join another rarified club, the former first children club. In such club, the girls did not crave. The club does not have any guidelines too, wrote the Bush sisters.

In the offering open letter Barbara and Jenna also advised the girls that they have to look forward in life. It is time to come out from the shadow of worldwide famous parents and also it is the time to write the story of their life by self-help. Moreover, it is important to carry the experience the young women got during these eight years.

The Bush sisters also advised keeping in touch with all the staff of White House who made their lives convenient. Malia and Sasha must also be thankful and get in touch with the people who protect them always throughout these eight years.

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