A Man Stole Snake from Pet Shop and Stuffed It under Trousers

a-man-stole-snake-from-pet-shop-and-stuffed-it-under-trousersAn absolutely weird incident happened in a pet shop, located in Oregon which was caught on CCTV. A man theft a python and stuff it down his trousers and eventually walk away from the pet shop.

The unidentified thief walked on to the shop named A to Z pets which are situated in Portland and stole easily the expensive reptile which is worth $200, the CCTV footage showed the entire incident.

The owner of the shop, Christin Bjugan reported that there are cameras everywhere in the shop and so, people would eye on them. The owner also said the python which has been stolen was a black colored pastel ball.

Reviewing the footage of CCTV, Ms. Bjugan recollected the moment while she spotted the man. At that time he was trying to grab the snake out of the tank it was left.

The owner continued that after grabbing the snake he stuff it inside the trousers. According to Ms. Bjugan it was absolutely disgusting.

While the unidentified man walked out he behaved that there is nothing in his trousers, she told.

The owner also joked that the day the man theft the python was not the feeding day. Therefore, he was lucky enough. The feeding day is Monday and at that day, the python becomes extremely hungry.

Ms. Bjugan also said that it is quite concerning as such things could happen again at any day at any time. Incidents like this make her highly frustrating. They work so hard for their living, as well as for running the business.

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