Perfect Presidential Courtesy Showed By Obama to Upcoming US President Trump

perfect-presidential-courtesy-showed-by-obama-to-upcoming-us-president-trumpThe announcement was done by the office of outgoing president that Barack Obama along with Michelle Obama is welcoming the would-be president of the country Donald Trump for a tea before the inauguration ceremony on coming Friday. It is confirmed that upcoming US first lady, Melania Trump would also join them at the White House.

After the tea party, Barack and Michelle Obama would be left White House and flown to Andrews Air Force base by helicopter.

At the Airbase Barack Obama will overture farewell to the staff of White House and then he would take for the final time Air Force One. It is the wish of Obama to stay in Washington after leaving the office until his younger daughter Sasha ends her high school.

The outgoing president also needs to be followed the tradition of leaving a message for the upcoming president as Ronald Reagan noted down for George HW Bush that never allows the Turkeys to let him down. This is an instance of scribbling tradition.

President George HW Bush also scribbled for Bill Clinton and through a handwritten letter, the message had been sent. He wrote that the success of Bill Clinton is the success of the entire nation. The outgoing president at that time had been rooted hard for his successor. He also wished him Good Luck.

Similarly, Bill Clinton left a note for his successor George W Bush along with the note he got from George HW Bush.

It is confirmed that the departure of Obama would be done with a little ceremony.

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