Lawmakers Suppose To Increase The Age By 21 for Smoking

lawmakers-suppose-to-increase-the-age-by-21-for-smokingSmoking is considered bad for health but still the young generation is not showing interest to keep them stay away from it. In this context, lawmakers are seeking to increase the age of getting indulged into this habit. Actually, they are supposed to increase the minimum smoking age by 21.

Talking about it State Rep, John Zerwas shared to a daily newspaper that they are putting their best efforts in to increase the age to go for smoking at least 21 years. Adding to it, he also collaborated that it is good time to work on this topic in comparison of the previous.

In Texas, use of the tobacco has been increasing day-by-day. In the previous years, a number of people have admitted due to excessive use of tobacco. According to the report of National Academy of Medicine, the ratio of tobacco users can be decreased if the age of smoking would be increase by 21. Increasing age by 21 would not be good in the context of health, but it will also play a major role to save a wide chunk of money too.

The Department of State Health Service also adds that we also need to spread awareness about the tobacco-related disease to let the people know how they are affecting their health on their own. The individuals are expecting that these lawmakers would be able this time to bring this rule into the light. If it happens then it would be good for the health of the new age generation.

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