Colo- The Oldest Gorilla of the Country Passed Way at the Age Of 60

colo-the-oldest-gorilla-of-the-country-passed-way-at-the-age-of-60Colo, the oldest female Gorilla who had been living in the zoo in the U.S. since birth was no more. She was 60 years old and was the member of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Colo was the first Gorilla of the world who born and brought up in a zoo and spent entire life in the same location.

Colo passed away during the overnight sleep. Her birthday was not so far which is almost a month later, said by the zoo authority. The normal life expectancy of inmate gorillas was two decades but, she surpassed it interestingly.

Tom Stalf, the president of the zoo said with a grief that Colo was loved by generation after generation and touched people’s heart who visited to see her in the zoo. She also loved by the people who have been looked after her over the years. She became the representative for gorillas. She inspired people to get knowledge about crucially endangered species and also motivated people to save gorillas in their usual habitat, Stalf added.

Colo came in the public for the last time on Monday. The zoo authority was announced the free visit to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She was interested in baseball caps and on the final day she was being noticed to toting inside the enclosure around a gorilla, had a yellow cap. The gorilla was given to Colo by the zoo members for taking care of her.

The authority said Colo’s body will be cremated and in the open area inside the zoo, the ashes will be excavated.

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