Defense Secretary Mattis highlights NATO allegiance on his first day

Defense Secretary Mattis highlights NATO allegiance on his first day

According to the sources the defense secretary James mattis on his first day, called up NATO allies and promised them to be in their alliance. Mattis had a word with NATO secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon and Canadian Defense minister Harijit Sajjan.

Mattis gave a detailed explanation about unshakable commitment of United States towards NATO and also spoke about the relationship Pentagons enjoy with the British military.

The previous week Trump had called the 28-nation NATO bleak and wrong towards United States. Trump also criticized NATO members because they failed to maintain the guidelines and they called for member states to spend 2% of the GDP on defense.

Mattis has always backed NATO, he was the Marine Corps General in NATO, he also served as a Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation. On his first day he called the Secretary General to strengthen the importance he places on NATO.

According to the sources this opinion of mattis to join NATO differs from the opinion of Trump, Trump was not in favor of joining the alliance, it was obvious because of the speech he gave last week and it signified that the alliance was not in favor of Trump.

Mattis in the interview said that he liked the United Kingdom’s dedication towards 2% guideline, United States focus is to defeat Islamic states and meeting the chiefs of NATO in February. Mattis also appreciated Sajjan’s participation in NATO.

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