The first proclamation of Trump!


Being busy with all the Presidential work, President Trump signed his first official Proclamation after his inauguration, he declared last Friday a “National day of patriotic Devotion”, it happened very quickly that by the time anyone found out about it, it was done.

Trump officially announced the day to honor his own inauguration, announcing a “new national pride” that would help in strengthening the bonds with each other and towards the country. All of this official work took place in White House on Monday but the news was given out about it on Tuesday.

The proclamation tradition was started by President Bush and it is still in continuity, it’s a one page proclamation like a mini-inaugural addresses. It can set a stylistic tone for the entire term of presidency. Trump’s tone was very different – suggested by Brandon Rottonghaus who studies Presidential Proclamations. He said it clearly that “Trump’s Proclamation is missing the personal humility” as compared to previous proclamations, he said, instead his proclamation has more nationalistic note.

Trump’s “National Day of Patriotic Devotion” is the first inauguration that doesn’t call on God, even though it speaks of sacred value and prayers for peace but it has a taste of nationalism more. Bush proclaimed “National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving” in his inaugural proclamation. It explicitly invoked god, he said, “I am humbled before God and seek his counsel and favor on our land”. The trump had added a different taste than other president and his was more materialistic.

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