Hull city’s Ryan Mason fighting for his life


Hull city’s midfielder had a major skull fracture after the clash of head with Gary Cahill on the eve of Sunday. Ryan was on the spot subbed off from the game, he was given the treatment at that moment by the clubs doctor and later he was on the spot taken to St Mary’s hospital which was nearby.

The 25-year old midfielder undergone a surgery after this incident and it was confirmed by the club that mason is recovering quickly and he is in stable condition now.

Ryan is now speaking of the incident and he will be continue to be looked after in hospital for several days, the club is now in close contact with Ryan, his family and the staff at St Mary’s hospital.

Ryan and his family were also touched by the profuse support shown by the Chelsea fans at the Stamford Bridge and they were also thankful to the people who posted positive comments and praying sent for Mason on social media as well as in the press over the last 48 hours.

Mason was taken to Neurosurgery hospital nearby Stamford Bridge after collision and he also received an on field treatment for at least 10 minutes before he was taken off by a stretcher while receiving oxygen.

Cahill alongside Captain John terry visited Mason in the hospital on the same evening. Hospital have now claimed that Ryan is making an ‘excellent progress’ and now he is able to speak properly too.

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