Trump Started His Work with the Meetings with Top Executives Today


Donald Trump has finally taken resolution for the term of the office. With this he had planned for various task and plans for various works which he has to do. He decided to start the work with the meeting with top unnamed executives and consider on the topics of job and security of the nation.

On Monday morning he declared that he would meet the top executives and discuss with them on manufacturing. At the time of oath taking on Friday he declared that he would start his term of office and true business from Monday. The main reason for the Monday was to let staffs enjoy their festivities.

On Friday itself Trump signed for top executive orders which he has to perform. Trump says on Monday morning that he has planned for the first week and look for board’s economic and national security. He made such promises at the time of campaigning trail.

Even trump wrote on twitter about his busy work and planned pack week. He says that he would ultimately focus on his idea of economic and national security. To go in this path he would firstly talk about the manufacturing in American economy. The main business like tone was clearly reflected in the speech of Trump.

With press conference of Saturday’s event the Trump now has decided to jump into the hot water so that his administration could work peacefully. They could focus on major issues which they had promised to cover during Presidential campaigning.

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