An Utterly Ill Grandma Awaits 87 Years to Finish Bucket List on Women’s March


The number of campaigners who participated this year’s global Women’s March is millions. But, the interesting news is one terminally ill grandma also listed her name into the huge crowd. She has attended the historical and intense march on the bucket list.

The grandmother named Mary Tanasse is from Washington. She gave her statement that it was 87-years of waiting and finally she became a part of this march. She associated with 10,000 other women activists in the march that held in Washington city located in Olympia.

The grandmother has been suffering from ovarian cancer since a long time and she has been spending her life in the hospice. The march made her utterly delighted. She said giving an overwhelmed expression that she is thankful to the hospice staffs for their genuine assistance.

The grandmother told that she requested the staffs to let her live in the hospice till the march. The reason behind it is, the march is very much important to her to design what she actually feel is absolutely perfect for her family. The statement the grandma gave to the King 5 News.

The older march activist more added saying that she has no more wish and cannot ask anything further. The day was beautiful for her and she praises GOD that the entire nation will make an intense impact through this event.

The grandma, 87-year-old Mary’s interview was shared which she gave to the news channel. The news was liked by people over 10,000 in twitter.

The grandson of Mary addressed that his grandma is the ‘matriarch’ of their family. The family was there to support her, as well as women’s right along with civil rights.

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