Super Bowl 2017- Amazing Comeback and Wining For New England Patriots


That is called a game! Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots faced off and driving history in this year’s Super Bowl. Undoubtedly the game became an epic. It delivered absolutely and at the finishing of NFL championship on February 5th the game has gone into overtime and finally, the winning score is done by the New England team.

Almost 70,000 audiences were there at the stadium on Sunday to be the witness of the great clash of American football history. At NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas, the game became the great event where on an end 39-year-old Tom Brady from New England Patriots was noticing to turn into the quarterback with historical Super Bowl victories. In a contrary, from the opposing team Atlanta Falcons, 31-year-old Matt Ryan was hoping to get their NFL championship to the Dirty South for the first time ever. It was an unfortunate for Georgia as New England won the game with abrupt death overtime by 34-28.

The initial quarter was not so exciting and had gone through quietness. Atlanta Falcons held back Brady from getting scored at all. The game seemed to be fired up from the second quarter. 24-year-old Devonta Freeman for the first time scored in his career in the touchdown of Super Bowl. The falcons scored 7-0. Matt was connected with 23-year-old Tevin Coleman to uphold the position of Atlanta Falcons and they scored 14-0. But, everything was not going smoother for the Atlanta falcons at all. The team was keeping the racking up by holding the penalties one after another. It was utterly disgusting for the team and its fans.

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