Syrian Girl’s query to Trump on hunger

syrian-girls-query-to-trump-on-hungerA thundering query and a knee – jerking video by a 7 years old innocent soul to the honourable President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump has shaken the whole nation and has become viral throughout the globe. The recent kerfuffles regarding protocols and proclamations of the President about his new rule in the United States were hilarious to the common people.

Donald Trump’s ban on entry of refugee in the Nation is striking enough for many in the national borders and in abroad as well. This huge decision stirred the national law and order and almost created a pandemonium among the common masses. Syria at present being in a pell- mell is quite at a helpless condition.

Hence, a poignant still practical question by a seven years old Syrian girl to Donald Trump made us open our eyes to face the stark reality. “Have you ever had no food for 24 hours?” this did arouse a plethora of questions in our minds about the ban on refugee declared by Mr. Trump.

This little girl gained and earned worldwide attention by her series of tweets about her painful life in Aleppo. The recent video uploaded by this girl did bring another devastating storm of criticisms about Donald Trump’s declarations. The entire girl aimed to do was to pin point Trump’s proclamation’s fault and its unfair nature. She did this amazingly by making it social and viral and the factity of the fact is that the video did not hurt directly the sentiment of any individual in the nation or outside it.

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