‘So-Called’ Judge James Robart Has Blocked Travel Ban Of Donald Trump: What The Consequences Are?


A federal Judge named James Robart has apparently blocked the executive order of current US president Donald Trump that bans the refugees and immigrants to get entered into the country. The controversial order stirs the United States of America including the world. People get concerned about the main questions-answers and where the issues will ultimately go from here.

On 27th of January, the newest president of America has signed the controversial executive law where it was apparently noted down that seven major Muslim countries people would not be able to get the visa to enter America. Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Syria are the Muslim nations from where people are suspended temporarily. According to the order, people of these seven countries should be ceased in country’s refugee program. The law was ultra-strict in the case of Syria which barring the refugees of this country indefinitely. Almost 60,000 visas of the citizens of these seven countries were invalidated by the state department. Travelers even held at all the airports throughout the United States. That is not all as over thousands of people were not permitted to board into the planes to visit in the United States.

James Robart, a federal Judge from Seattle declared that the executive order to be suspended on the basis of nationwide temporarily. The declaration of the judge means the administration authorities had to prevent enforcing the executive law. According to the declaration, a traveler who got banned once can step into the country. It was said that the order was the reason behind immediate and irreclaimable injury in the country and also it might be governed unconstitutionally.

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