Trump Says He’ll Honor Xi’s “One China” Policy

trump-says-hell-honor-xis-one-china-policyThe US President Donald Trump has agreed to make ties with the Chinese government on their “One China” policy. This news has become the headlines of every news channel on this Friday.

According to the White House, President Trump said, “he’ll honor the ‘One China’ policy with respect to the Chinese.” Trump said this over a cordial telephone call with the President Xi Jinping, and at last agreed upon a long and lengthy discussion. The White House also confirms that this long telephone call was not the only discussion, but there were several other issues that were discussed as well.

The “One China” policy is a long-standing discussion since the two countries establishment a diplomatic tie between them since the 1970s, and this matter was being a just a cornerstone.

So far President Trump’s decision, according to America, there will be one China in the World which is still known as People’s Republic of China. The other claiming the name of China is the Republic of China which will be called from now as just Taiwan, which is a part of the integral lager nation of China. As per many reports, China does regard Taiwan as a breakaway province of their country and opposes any country’s attempts to recognize it a different China.

Now, it is still not clear about the president’s decision on agreeing to the Chinese policy, but it was known that Trump was interviewed before, and expresses his feelings for China and China’s “One China” policy by making some negative regards.

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