Ivanka Trump Along With Her Family First Time Visit Air Force One

ivanka-trump-along-with-her-family-first-time-visit-air-force-oneThe first daughter of America, Ivanka Trump along with her crude family went for the first foray on Air Force One. The young family visited to the Mar-a-Lago resort of the President which is located in Palm Beach.

The family joined with the President, Donald Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump on the flight. They altogether welcomed the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe along with his wife while they zoomed off considering a weekend aside at the holiday resort.

Ivanka Trump clothed her own fashion line. The reports flowed that the brand she wore, has gone through struggles.

The controversy about the brand has occurred since her father and the President posted on twitter a statement. Through the tweets Donald Trump supported her brand and whip out at Nordstrom.

On tweeter, Donald Trump has lashed out on the store and also described that Ivanka, being a daughter and a good person always pushed him to take the genuine action by doing the right things. He also included that the business and the brand of Ivanka must not deserve any suffer.

The brand of Ms. Trump sells all type of fashion stuff like fashionable clothes along with other accessories like handbags, jewellery and much more. Nordstrom on the other side boycotted the branded products of Trump fashion line.

Nordstrom already has refused that the action was encouraged by nothing apart from poor sale.

The company gave a statement on last week saying that they make the purchasing decisions on the basis of performances only.

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